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Camera20 Production is a digital service firm with a love for designing, developing, and operating software for organizations across the world that are motivated by innovation. We innovate because it has become second nature to us. In order to create value-adding digital solutions that allow people to focus on the future rather than the past, we collaborate with businesses that share our vision. Our goal is to use technology as an artistic endeavor that will inspire people all around the world to engage their imagination. With our staff, we are skilled in assisting them in increasing production, resolving issues, and improving services.

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What does <Camera20Production> offer?

We do not just create technology to impress but we use technology to create experience which creates everything. 

Web Development

Do you require a cutting-edge, mind-blowing, responsive, and interactive website or online application?

User Management

Tech is worthless. What matters is that you believe that if you give people the right tools, they are generally decent and intelligent and will use them to great effect. The best user management modules are what we make as a result.

Custom Developments

Every company offers distinctive goods and services. Custom software development is created specifically for your brand, item, or business.

APP Development

You would require a mobile app that can handle information mobility, tasks, and office work, and it should be able to link to your website.

Our Services

Simple Solutions for
Complex Challenges

Fast & Secure

It's important to communicate fast and securely. It is essential for productive communication, successful administration, and a well-organized infrastructure.

Easy Optimization

The goal of optimization is to provide the "ideal" design in relation to a list of constraints or priorities. These include increasing productivity, strength, dependability, lifespan, efficiency, and usage.

Clear Interface

Because it makes it easier for users to connect with your website or application, a strong user interface is crucial because it may convert prospective customers into purchasers.


For digital transformation to succeed, responsiveness is essential, and numerous Fastly clients concentrated their efforts in these areas.


Technology that facilitates knowledge sharing enables businesses to capitalize on their internal expertise and gain a competitive edge.


A wizard is a piece of software created by computers to make it easier to do difficult or time-consuming activities.


Multitasking is the simultaneous execution of several programs on a single computer. To utilize a computer's resources as much of the time as feasible, multitasking is employed.


The capacity to receive information and communicate with others in one's native tongue increases trust and loyalty for a brand and business among both customers and employees.

Our Vision

Deploy and Maintain Together

Possibilities are Infinite!

The technological singularity is a speculative scenario in which technological progress becomes basically unlimited. If technology doubles in strength every two years, it will be twice as strong as it is now in two years, four times as powerful in four years, then eight, sixteen, thirty-two, and so on.

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Think outside the Box!

You're probably sick and weary of hearing people talk about "thinking outside the box" or the necessity to develop "outside the box inventions" if you've been involved in innovation for at least a little while.

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Invent the future with us!

The future is approaching faster than you would imagine. These new technologies will alter the way we live, care for our bodies, and assist us in preventing a global catastrophe.

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Grow Together

Awesome and fun
Constantly Growing

A tool, technology is all. The instructor is the most crucial person in terms of inspiring the students to cooperate and work together.

Happy Clients
Years Experience
Camera20 Production lets you do everything

Solutions focused on people


In a world of technology, people make the difference, now so does Codvista.


Effortlessly manages all your information, whilst ensuring maximum security.


Sometimes the best way to envision the future is to research and invent it.

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Our Team

Our Smart Brains

Franklin Mutuma

Managing Director

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Shem Mwiti

Operations Director

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kinya pavin
Pavin Kinya

Finance & Administration

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